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Shari Ann

I can't thank the Mesi Agency enough for all they've done for me! When I needed my insurance agent, Joe was there to help me through my claim. He was there for me of all the way! Of course, it happened on a Friday night, but not only did Joe answer the phone on the weekend, he guided me through it all steps of the way. It was the most simplest transaction I've ever dealt with! I can't thank them enough for all they've done! Also, I've checked out all the rates in the area and Joe has the best! Thank you Joe and Mesi Agenc

Susan Howard

My parents and my entire family have been going to Mesi Agency for over 20 years! Joe is absolutely wonderful and he ALWAYS has given us the best deal for our buck. He has always looked out for us. THANK YOU Joe Mesi and Mesi Agency for all you do!

Lynn Dearmyer-Lee

Joe and his staff are hands down the best in the business. I was a customer back when Joe had a partner and was with Allstate. When Joe left Allstate I was sadly assigned to another agent and did not have a choice. What terrible service I had with them. The moment Joe I could change back to Joe Mesi, I did. Joe is ALWAYS looking out for his customer's best interests to ensure they have the proper coverages that they need. If you don't need it, Joe won't sell it to you. After 15 years as a customer I am also proud to say that Joe is not only my insurance agent but he is also a friend. Run, do not walk, to the Mesi Agency - Joe will save you time AND money. You'll thank me later.

Jason Berghold

Great service, knowledge, and a family atmosphere. I recommend Joe and his staff to anyone who is interested in saving money or just looking to see if what they have is sufficient.

Cindy Reimer

Have been with them for over 15 years. Rates are always awesome and service is excellent! I recommend giving them a call if you are looking for a new insurance company. You will be glad you did!!

Mike Morlock

Joe has been my Agent for over 20 years, the only one I trust. Great rates, fast and friendly service. Thanks Joe!

Tonnie Paradowski

This insurance agent is the best I have ever dealt with! Was with another insurance State Farm for 25 years. Went to Joe just to check prices and they saved me over $500.00 a year!!! I would never leave this place! They treat me so great and always have! Thank you for all you have done and continue to do!!!

Eric Vallone

I've had my insurance with Joe Mesi for almost three years now, and I've had excellent service and great rates. I've referred several people, and they have had similarly good results!

Debra A. Ritz

Joe and his staff are wonderful to work with and he not only takes care of all of my personal insurance needs but I send our law firm's clients and all of my friends to him whenever the opportunity arises. I can't recommend this insurance agent enough. Professional, friendly and personal service at its best. Thanks for everything, Joe!!!

Debbie Sabatini

I just renewed my policy with the Mesi Agency.  Joe and his staff have not only given me the best rates, their professionalism is second to none! I would highly recommend them for your insurance needs. My rates have never been more fair and they are just a pleasure to do business.. even with someone like me who calls incessantly.... But seriously, I am so pleased I made the switch from my previous agency who I had been with for 15 years.

Donna Manning

I can't say enough about Mesi Agency. They have saved us a lot of money on our home and car insurance policies. They go out of their way to find the best coverage and lowest prices for you. The staff is courteous and very professional. It's a pleasure doing business with a small company who represents dozens of insurance carriers in a world of greedy corporate conglomerates. We have been with Joe Mesi for many years and wouldn't have it any other way. We send our friends and family over to him and we highly recommend his Agency.

Tina Dietz

Excellent customer service, personal touch, saved us a ton of money for better coverage.

Shohreh Maboudi Arbabzadeh

I've been a happy customer with Mesi Agency for many, many years. I got fantastic rates on my home & auto insurance. I appreciate all the help I received, EXCELLENT service & professionalism.

Mark Bostaph

I have known Joe for over 5 years now, both personally and professionally. Once you meet Joe you know your in the right place, he gets the job done and does it better then anyone. World class service with hometown charm! A few years ago I hit a deer and called him, he was in his deer stand and still within the hour I had everything taken care off and was only 15 min late to my next appointment. Just this week my wife finally switched over and now her car insurance has better coverage and she's paying a lot less. 15 min and 15% has nothing on the Mesi Agency!

Paul Zakrzewski

The Mesi Agency has provided my family with top notch service and rates for many years... Joe is a stand-up guy in his policy holders corner 100% of the time. Highly recommended.